Baggage Scanner X-Ray Machine - PRO SCAN 140kv X-ray Baggage Machine

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Published on January 10, 2024
Modified on February 2, 2024
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Description of item

Easy to use and learn
Low Radiation Simple and User-friendly Operation
Safe for Film, Chips, and Electronic Products

XR3D-6550C X-ray baggage scanner uses the penetrating ability of X-rays to quickly inspect luggage and cargo without opening the suitcase. It is suitable for government departments, transportation departments, logistics industry, courts, procuratorates, prisons, embassies, factories, schools, hospitals, gymnasiums, exhibition halls and entertainment venues, for the security checking of briefcases, postal parcels, express mail, hand luggage and small packages.

Modularization: The internal circuit structure of the device adopts modular design ideas. Through reasonable layout design, the anti-interference ability of the device is improved to ensure a stable operation and easy maintenance;
Digitalization: The hardware system adopts the latest ASIC fully digital solution design, In-depth acquisition technology. Compared with the analog acquisition solution, the circuit design in this device, is optimized and has the characteristics of high integration, strong anti-interference ability, and clear imaging effect;
Full-featured: Additional functional modules can be customized according to private demand, and customized ports can be inserted according to customer requirements. For example, AI intelligent image recognition (dangerous product alarm function).
Image processing functions: colorful/black and white, local enhancement, high penetration, low penetration, super enhancement, organic discrimination, inorganic discrimination, inversion, brightening, darkening, gray scan, enlarging, false color, image restoration, image storage System functions: automatic self-diagnosis, multi-level user management, image management, TIP management, curve diagnosis, keyboard diagnosis, record checking, multi format image export, OSD operation function, image mirroring, 1-64 times image magnification, magnifying glass, operator training, precise positioning of baggage images, clear channel reminder, remote operation software, one-click shutdown.


Dimensions Channel size 659(L)*504(W)mm
Device size 1893(L)*916(W)*1735(H) mm

Performance Parameters Wire Resolution dia0.0787mmcopperwire(AWG40)
Spatial Resolution Horizontal 1.0mm; Vertical 1.0mm
Penetration 30mmsteelplate
X-ray Source 140KVsingle

Radiation Dose Leakage Dose <1μGy/h at any point 5 centimeters outside the external surface
Single Dose ≤2.5μGy

Conveyor Parameters Conveyor Belt Height 700mm(belt to ground)
Conveyor Max Load 150kgs
Conveyor Speed 0.22 meters/second

Screen Display Size 21.5"
Resolution 1920*1080P

Overall Parameters Power Consumption max.800W
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz
Noise <55 dB (1 meter away from the device)
Working Temperature & Humidity 5℃~40℃ 10%~90% no condensation
Storage Temperature & Humidity -20℃~40℃ 0~90% no condensation
Weight 450kg

Monitor System Parameters Sensor Type 1/2.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Number of Cameras 1 channel entrance
Wide Dynamic Range 120dB _
Video Compression Standards H.265 /H.264 MJPEG
Maximum Image Size 1920x1080
Storage Duration Not less than 30 days



Other information

Price: Fixed
Fixed Price (PKR): 12,000,000